Please notify - Mason Luther
of any illness, accidents or hospitalizations
 As the Chairman of the Sickness and
Distress Committee he wants to keep our members and their families in mind but he can't do it if he doesn't know about it.
Mason can be reached at

If you're not getting the semi-monthly newsletter,

  Grand Strand Hibernian

we either have an incorrect email address or no record of the payment of current dues.
To update an address contact Bill Daley, Webmaster
For Dues, contact Charles Meginley, Financial Secretary

Irish Written Characters

Modern Computer keyboards do not show many of the characters used in the Irish Language.

They can be inserted into almost any document by using the character codes shown below.
Press and hold the ALT key while entering the numeric code for the character you want. 

Some versions of Windows do not support this method but do include special Characters on their Insert Menu.
Not all internet browsers suspport it either.


Á     0193
É     0201
Í     0205
Ó     0211
Ú     0218


á     0225
é     0233
í     0237
ó     0243
ú     0250


£     0163
€     0128
¥     0165
$     0036
¢     0162











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